FTC 2017-2018 Team Strengths (New Jersey)


Top 10 Scores *


Rank Team Team name Non Penalty OPR * OPR * Auto OPR * TeleOp OPR * End Game OPR * Auto Jewels * Auto Glyphs * Auto Key Columns * TeleOp Glyphs * TeleOp Ciphers * Relics 3rd Pos * Adjusted Avg ** Avg Score Avg Winning Margin Max Non-Penalty Score Super Regional Event FTC Event Rank FTC avg QP FTC avg RP # matches

* Scoring explanation:

OPR: Apparently a fairly common way to compute team offense in FRC. I got the formula from here. You can also see more details here.
Non-penalty OPR: If available, this is the OPR when all penalties are removed from matches.
Auto, TeleOp, and End Game OPR: If available, this is the OPR for each phase of matches as reported. Should sum to Non-Penalty OPR. Note that some states like Florida combine TeleOp and End Game scores.
Avg Score: Team's average score through all matches.
Adjust Avg: Team's average score through all matches without penalties.
Avg Winning Margin: Team's average margin of victory through all matches.
Top-10 Scores: The top 10 non-penalty scores reported by FTC, Orange Alliance, Purple Alliance, or published on states' FTC sites.

Thanks to Bill Gardner for the pointer to FRC metrics!

Please take a look and send us a note at feedback@ftcstats.org if you have some feedback.

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